Two Days Buddhist Foundation Course – Module I (In English)

“四无量心 Four Brahma Vihara”


Date 日期:4-10-2014 (星期六)Saturday
Time 时间:8.00pm
Venue 地点:怡保桂和园佛学会 (IBDA)
Topic 弘法:四无量心 Four Brahma Vihara
Speaker主讲人:静林法师 Venerable Jing Lin (Bhikkuni)

Talk by Venerable Jing Lin (Bhikkuni) on Four Brahma Vihara (in mandarin) at IBDA (108, Jalan Raja Kam, Canning Garden)  All are welcome.
静林法师(女)将于怡保桂和园佛法会(108, Jalan Raja Kam, Canning Garden) 弘法: 四无量心。欢迎共赴法会。

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Mooncake Festival 2014

Date: 6th September 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association (IBDA)
Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with pot luck dinner, lantern procession for children and adult, including nicest and most creative lantern competition (please try to bring your lantern) + quiz. Prizes to be given.

Welcome to bring friends for this cultural event.

Sukhi hontu.

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Dhamma Talk by Uncle Vijaya

Date : 5th July 2014 (Saturday)
Time : 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm
Venue : Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association (IBDA)
Topic : Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta
(Discourse on Turning of The Wheel Of Dhamma

  • Discourse on Turning The Wheel Of Dhamma.
  • The Buddha’s First Discourse, After His enlightenment, On the Full Moon Day In July
  • The Middle Way – Avoid the 2 extremes of  Indulgence In Pleasure & Self-Affliction
  • The Four Noble Truths
  • The Three Turnings (Of Wheel) – Recognition, Encouragement & Realization


Mr. Vijaya Samarawickrama graduated as a Specialist in the Teaching of English as a Second Language from the Malayan Teachers’ Training College in Liverpool, England . He later obtained a B.A.(Hons) in English and Linguistics from the University of Malaya and an M.A. (Drama and Theater) from the University of Hawaii, USA..

He has had a long career in teaching and imparting knowledge in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions including the UM, USM and the University Technology MARA. Although retired, his passion for teaching has seen him returning to teach World Religions and Theater in the American Degree Program of the Taylor’s College.

Fondly known as Uncle Vijaya in the Buddhist circle, he travels widely to give talks and participate in seminars in schools, colleges and universities as well as Buddhist organizations in Malaysia averaging about 120 talks per year. He has also delivered papers at International Buddhist conferences in Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, Cambodia and Thailand as well as locally. He is active in promoting Interfaith Understanding among the Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists.

He assisted the Most Venerable K Sri Dhammananda, the late Chief Priest of Malaysia and Singapore with his numerous publications. He has himself written 12 books on Buddhism. He has contributed articles to many magazines including the Catholic News and Eastern Horizon, which are international magazines published locally. He has also contributed a section on Buddhism to the Encyclopedia of Malaysia, published in 2005.

For more details please contact:
Bro Khor PS 012-519 9003;              Bro Toh LS:  012-405 2933

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IBDA Family Day Celebration

Date : 6th July 2014 (Sunday)
Time : 9.00 am
Venue : Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association (IBDA)
Event : IBDA Family Day

9.00 am – Family Games
10.30 am – Talk by Uncle Vijaya on Gratitude
11.30 am – Servicing of Refreshment by children / youth to the seniors / parents
12.00 nn –  Prize giving and closing

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Wesak Celebration 2014 (卫塞节)

Date: 12th, 13th, 17th May 2014
Time: (refer to Programme for Wesak)
Venue: Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association (IBDA)
Event: Wesak Celebration 2014

Programme For Wesak Celebration (English version)

卫塞节的节目表 (Chinese version)

The highlight of the celebration will be the lighting of oil lamp on Wesak Eve till Wesak day. Those who wish to sponsor oil lamp(s) may give their particulars and pay through any one of the organizing committee members before 12th May, to avoid last minute congestion. The sponsorship is RM20.00 per lamp either for:-


  1. Whole family    一个家庭  OR
  2. Individuals 个人 (maximum of 2 names per lamp 限于两个姓名)   OR
  3. Departed ones 往生的 (maximum of 2 names per lamp限于两个姓名)

Further information please contacts the following organizing committee members:-

Bro. Chen Chon Foo    012-5158298
Sis. Khoo Swee Lin      016-5202705
Sis. Kinny Tham           012-5162821
Sis. Kam Swee Ee        016-5306260
Sis. Tan Been Guat      012-5908316
Bro. Toh Leong Soon   012-4052933

May the blessings of the Triple Gems be with you and your loved ones.


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Mandarin Dhamma Talk by 钟汉源居士(马佛青总会前会长)

Date : 25 March 2014 (Tuesday)
Time : 8.15pm
Venue : Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association (IBDA)
Topic : 生命的活水 (Water of Life)


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Blood Donation 2014

Date : 23rd March 2014 (Sunday)
Time : 9.00am – 1.00pm
Venue : Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association (IBDA)
Event : Blood Donation Campaign 2014
Blood Donation 2014

PDF Poster A4

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IBDA Sunday Class 2014

Sunday Class
Starting from this year, IBDA shall conduct the Sunday Class for primary school children, as per proposed programme attached.

Medium Of Instruction : Mainly in English; with Mandarin (if necessary)
Children who are not that proficient in English are allowed to speak in Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia. Most lessons shall be conducted in English with mandarin sub-titles. Most teachers are also bilingual.

Venue:  IBDA , 108 , Jalan Raja Kam, Canning Garden, 31400, Ipoh.
There will be 12 indoor based sessions for the year, each session shall be from 10.00 am to 12.30 nn; plus 6 outdoor based activities held in IBDA Canning Garden or at other suitable outdoor venue (See 2014 Activities Calendar attached)

Date (indoor):
23 Feb; 09 March; 13 April, 27 April; 25 May;  08 June;  22 June; 13 July; 27 July; 24 Aug; 07Sep;  21 Sep;
[Participants are required to attend minimum of 10 out of
the 12 sessions]

Date (outdoor) :
Blood Donation (IBDA)– 23 March ; Wesak Preparation (IBDA)- 4 May;
Mother’s Day (11 May); Charity visit to homes (places to be decided later) – 18 May; Family Day (IBDA) – 15 June; Dana/Blessings Before Exam (IBDA) – 03 Aug;
[Participants are encouraged to take part in all outdoor activities]

Youth Camp : 13 – 15 May  ( For Secondary School Students).
[Primary  school students not involved- for information only]

Children Camp : 28-30 Nov (For Primary School Students)

Commitment From All:
We need the understanding, co-operation and commitment from all parties to make the Sunday Family Class beneficial and effective.
Admission is free

Objectives For Children’s Sunday Class

  1. To have an inter-active type basic moral (manners and etiquette) and very simple Dhamma exposure ( through games and stories) for primary school children, and at the same time to practise to communicate in English.
  2. To plant Dhamma seeds in the children, so that when they grow up, they will have affinity with the Dhamma.
  3. Create an environment for the children to have their own circle of friends and a forum to interact with and to support each other.

Family Sunday Class General Contents
To be adjusted every year to suit (In English/Mandarin)

Class room (indoor) Session

  1. Basic manners and etiquette
  2. Stories of the Buddha
  3. Simple Pali chanting & meaning/Hymns singing
  4. Moral values through games
  5. Living skills
  6. Filial piety & respects for elders through stories/role play

Practical (Outdoor) sessions

  1. Learn the joy of giving & helping & service
  2. Learn to participate & work in a group
  3. Learn to appreciate & express gratitude towards parents & others
  4. Learn to do Dana and the meaning of blessings
  5. Learn about contentment, goodwill and love towards others.

Participation Of Parents/Guardians

  1. The active encouragement and support from the parents/guardians is very important, so that they can become “partners” to the children in their learning /growing up process.
  2. They shall encourage the children to be punctual and regular for the classes, to have the best effect.

May All Beings Be Well And Happy.

IBDA Sunday Class 2014 Application form

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Dhamma Talk by Ayya Hasapanna

Date : 11th February 2014 (Tuesday)
Time : 8.00pm
Venue : Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association (IBDA)
Topic : Giving and Forgiving
Event : Dhamma Talk by Ayya Hasapanna Co-Abbot of Dhammasara Nun’s Monastery & Asst. Spiritual Director of Buddhist Society of West Australia.

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